Snake Balloon-Number Four

by The Iced Sugar Cookie
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These cute little snake number four birthday party animal balloons are all approx 16 inches tall. Inflate these with air and hang them from a banner or set them on a birthday table. These animal number balloons are sure to be a hit at your child's birthday party.

These are small balloons!!!!! These are NOT big balloons. Please read before you buy. 

**Air Only** (Helium Does Not Make This Balloon Float)*****


Snake Birthday Party Balloon Number 4 Four.

This would work great for a safari birthday party, reptile birthday party, or use as Kaa for the Jungle book birthday party. Or for Sanjay and Craig birthday party.

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These balloons are SMALL! Not big! Just perfect for adding to table tops.

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This is the opening of where you will add air to the balloon. I used a toothpick to open the flap and then inserted a straw into the balloon. Then just blow on the straw to fill the balloon up with air. When you slide the straw out, the air will remain in the balloon. You can deflate these balloons and save them to reuse again.

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