Mermaid "Under The Sea" Paper Straws-PKG of 25

The Iced Sugar Cookie

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Mermaid Under The Sea Paper Straws for Mermaid Birthday Party by The Iced Sugar Cookie
Mermaid "Under The Sea" Paper Straws
Package of 25 straws in a mix of 5 different patterns.
Straw length is 7-3/4 inches.
Clipart cartoons are by The Happy Graphics on Etsy.
You can find her on instagram at @thehappygraphics
Straw Colors:
Aqua Chevron
Lilac Chevron
Aqua Stripe
Silver Foil Stars
Violet Purple Stripe
Be sure to check out our printable digital download of our Mermaid printables.
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Our Mermaid Straws looked great in Beverley Mitchell's little girls mermaid birthday party. Check it out!
Mermaid Under The Sea Paper Straws for Mermaid Birthday Party by The Iced Sugar Cookie
Here is some ideas for your Mermaid Party!

Mermaid Cupcakes- Buy some on Etsy or make your own using a mermaid cookie cutter.

Mermaid Sandwiches- Use a mermaid cookie cutter and cut mermaid shapes out of the sandwiches you made.

Mermaid Cheese And Crackers- Use a mermaid cookie cutter and cut mermaid shapes out of the cheese.
Then line up the mermaid cheese slices you made on a platter and serve crackers with it. If you want to get really creative then use different cookie cutters like a star to represent a starfish, or a dolphin, crab, seaweed, seahorse, octopus, fish, turtle, seashell, lobster, or a jellyfish.

The Mermaid's Pearl Cheese Ball- Buy a cheese ball already made or make one yourself. Then spread cream cheese over the whole cheese ball. This will make it look like a large pearl. Use one of our blank food tent cards to write or type your own words on and write "The Mermaid's Pearl" on it and then prop it up next to the cheese ball. Serve with some yummy crackers.

Chocolate Sea Shells- Buy a sea shell candy mold and fill with white chocolate. Then after is sets up just add your white chocolate sea shells to a platter of brown sugar. The brown sugar will look like beach sand.

Water Waves- Fill a bowl with Lay's wavy potato chips. Make your own food tent card that say's "WAVES".

Pass The Mermaid Game: If your kids are really small then they can play Pass The Mermaid. Just have them sit in a circle on the ground. Then give them a mermaid doll and let them pass it around while you play some fun mermaid sounding music. Then stop the music all of a sudden. Whoever has the mermaid doll in their hand is out. Then it starts back up again. The last kid sitting is the winner. Give them a prize for winning and give the other kids like a sucker for trying.

Pearls- Take some white donut balls and stick a white popsicle stick down in the middle of it. Then tie a bow on each stick that matches your party theme colors. Sprinkle brown sugar down on a plate and then stand your pearl treats up in the brown sugar. This looks like sand. Sprinkle some white chocolate sea shells on the brown sugar. Just use a sea shell candy mold and white chocolate to make them. Make a food tent card that say's "Pearls" and then prop it up next to it.

Ocean Water or Sea Water- Fill a drink container with blue punch and add a seahorse cutout to the front. Make a food tent card using one of our blanks ones down below and write "SEA WATER" on it and prop up next to it.

Mermaid Juice- Just fill a pitcher or glass punch bowl with pink lemonade.

Seashell Table Decor- Just buy a bag of sea shells online or from the store if you can them and spread them out all over the table.

Sea Urchins- Fill a vase with spiky rubber balls. These will look like sea urchins. Prop up a tent card next to it that say's "Sea Urchins". Then use it later for a game for kids to toss the sea urchin into the bucket.

Starfish PB&J Sandwiches- Just make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut the sandwiches out with a star shaped cookie cutter.

Starfish Rice Krispy Treats- Just make rice krispy treats and use a starfish cookie cutter to cut them out.

Madeleine Cookies- Make some Madeleine cookies. They look like sea shells.

Seaweed- Use green sour belt candy. It looks just like green seaweed!

Sea Shells With Cheese- Just make macaroni and prop up a food tent card next to it. This would be good if your cooking a meal.

Fish Eggs- Fill a small bowl with white jelly beans or another white small candy.

Guess How Many Sea Shells- Fill a tall glass with sea shells. Make sure you count them when your putting them in. Then have a jar for the adults and a jar for the kids to drop their paper note that they wrote their number on. Draw 1 winner from the adult jar and 1 winner from the kids jar.

Lost Treasure Dig- Buy a green plastic turtle sandbox from Walmart and fill with sand. Then sprinkle in sea shells, gold plastic coins, plastic necklaces, real coins, large plastic gems, plastic rings, etc.

Pin The Tail On The Mermaid- Draw a large mermaid on some poster board and hang it up. Then draw a small fin part and let the kids pin the tail on the mermaid.

Sand Decor- Fill small pails with sand and stick some sea shells in it. Stick a shovel in it and then add pails on a table for decoration.

Starfish and Net Decor- Sting some net up and add some starfish paper cutouts to your net. You could also add the net to your tables and then scatter real starfish and sea shells on the table.

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