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Fairy Tale Pink And Purple Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Fairy Tale Pink And Purple Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Fairy Tale Pink And Purple Unicorn Sugar Cookies TheIcedSugarCookie.com Marta's Cakes And Cookies
Fairy Tale Pink And Purple Unicorn Sugar Cookies
Attention Unicorn lovers!!!! These sweet fairy tale pink and purple haired unicorn sugar cookies are just begging to be at your next party. These would look great with any unicorn birthday party or even a unicorn baby shower. Marta bakes these fresh and ships them right to your door. If you want to order these pretty little unicorns then just click on the link down below at the bottom of this page to take you to her Etsy shop. 
What Marta has to say about these cookies:
BEFORE YOU ORDER ...... You should consult my Shop Announcement (first click on "MartaIngros' above the photo on this listing, then look for Announcement tab on my home page, click "read more" to fully open calendar) to see if my baking schedule is already filled for the mailing date you need! Also, please be familiar with my shop policies.

I am offering for sale 1 dozen Unicorn cookies in a Portrait pose. These are large, hand-cut cookies (4.5"x3") and can be purchased in either chocolate or standard sugar cookie. The cookies are hand decorated with delicious Royal Icing using brushes, small hand tools and a very steady hand to complete these labor intensive designs.

These cookies have proven to be a hit for children's parties or any occasion where you might want to add a touch of fantasy. :)

I strive to bake, decorate and mail this design to you within 24 hours of bake start, but start time will depend on openings available in bake calendar. You can find my 3 month, moving bake calendar in the Announcement tab on my shop home page. For phone app shoppers, just tap my shop name from any listing to go to my home page, then look for and click the "read more" tab under the first set of cookie listings.

For additional charge, I also offer upgrades to include packing in decorative bags tied with ribbon, cookies on a stick and Express Mail shipping. If there is any other customization you wish, please write to me and we will make it happen for you. :)

For orders more than 1 dozen, please write me with your event date and destination zip code so I can create a custom listing for you with the correct shipping charge.

Cookies are baked in a facility that also makes use of known allergens! Please read my Policies page for additional information, and note that by placing your order you represent that you have read, understood and agree to the stated Policies!

A Little Information On Marta Ingros from Marta's Cakes And Cookies:
Privet, everybody! Thank you so much for taking some time to visit my shop and to learn more about me. :) I was born in Tblisi, Georgia, but when I was 6 years old my family moved to Mykolayiv, Ukraine for my father's military obligations. At that time Mykolayiv was a "closed city" due to its status as an important naval center and shipbuilder to the USSR's Black Sea Fleet. Though no visitors were ever permitted to enter my city, there was much wealth from military activities and my mother supplemented our family income by baking and selling beautiful pies, cakes, pastries, breads and miscellaneous baked goods to other military families. I remember sitting with her and watching in amazement as she combined flour, honey, ginger, butter and other natural ingredients into tasty foods. I also recall the hugs and congratulatory words she received from her customers. Everyone seemed to love her results, and I was so proud to be her daughter! My mother was not blind to my interest in her work, and she would always share some extra dough, honey, crushed dates and figs, etc. with myself and my younger brother so we could work with her. :) Our efforts were not always successful, and rarely very nice to look at, but she was always so patient, and generous with praise and words of encouragement.

In Soviet times a student's professors could make recommendations to the state that a student be enrolled in supplemental schooling if he or she feels the student demonstrates an aptitude in sports, mathematics, art, science, etc. During what you would call my 'junior high' years, one of my professors referred me to supplemental art training. From then until I entered the university, I attended regular school with all other students and, at the end of each school day, I rode a bus to the special art school where I continued studying until the early evening hours. I loved that school so much - art theories, perspective, color palettes, painting, drawing, etc.

With the collapse of the Soviet Union, my city was opened to foreigners and visitors from other cities in the former USSR. In 2009 I met a wonderful American man. After more than two years and dozens of ocean crossings to meet each other, we finally married and I came to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania in July 2011 to join he and his two boys as one family - MY family. I love this town and the friendly people here, and though I miss my family back in Mykolayiv, I have never been happier in my life!

Within the first month of my arrival here, a teacher at school asked my youngest son if his mother would be "homeroom mom" for the class because no one else had volunteered to do it. I did not understand what this request meant, but I agreed to do it if my son needs it. I eventually learned this role entails many tasks, but one was to arrange class parties for Halloween, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Easter and other special celebrations. Halloween was the first class event, and my husband suggested I buy some cookies or cupcakes from the grocery store for the children. Since the first day I arrived in America I chat with my mother on Skype daily so I decided to tell her about our party plan. She was upset that I would consider feeding the children "all those chemicals Americans eat" (I cannot convince her Americans do not survive on chemicals that only resemble food! lol) So ... after my scolding I decided to bake cake pops for the children's party. The cake pops were a great success, and for each school party I made something different, each time pushing myself to outdo the treats served at the prior party. Soon there were parents and teachers asking me if I would agree to bake some cupcakes, cookies or cakes for events outside school. Of course I agreed, and Marta's Cakes and Cookies was born.

If long ago someone would tell me in the future I will combine my love of art with the baking inspiration my mother gave me, and I would become a cake and cookie decorator I would say that person is crazy, but here I am. :) What began on my kitchen counter as a work of love to help my son has now grown into my own commercial bakery, and I cannot be happier. To date, my wedding and birthday cakes have been delivered as far away as Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Washington, and I've shipped cookies to nearly every US state and even to some buyers in Ukraine and Russia.

I love what I do, I am meticulous as to details, and I will never sell a customer something that I am not 100% proud of. Therefore I spend a lot of time on each order, and my production numbers are not as high as those of some other shops. I also have a lot of orders direct from my bakery that can affect the number of orders I can accept for shipping on a given date. It is very important that customers either convo me directly for availability or that they check my posted bake calendar. My Shop Announcement message contains a 3 month, moving calendar that shows available dates.
To buy the unicorn cookies that you saw the picture above then click this link below to take you to Marta's Cake And Cookies Etsy shop to buy. Make sure you follow her on her social media too!
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