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Boho Chic Cookies Merci Bakery

Boho Chic Cookies

Boho Chic Cookies Merci Bakery
 Boho Chic Cookies
Made by Merci Bakery
Mona is the designer and creator of these beautiful bohemian sugar cookies. These breathtaking boho chic cookies would look superb with any "Boho Baby Shower" or "Bohemian Birthday Party". 
  • Teepee Cookies
  • Feather Cookies
  • Arrow Cookies
Boho Chic Cookies Merci Bakery
Boho Chic Cookies Merci Bakery
What Cookie Flavors does Merci Bakery have?
  • Shortbread cookie: a rich buttery cookie that melts in your mouth. These tender cookies have hits of pure vanilla and a smidgen of lemon zest.
  • Chocolate Shortbread cookie: a decedent chocolate cookie with a touch of espresso. Extra brute cocoa give this cookie an intense chocolate flavor.


These Boho chic sugar cookies are available in Merci Bakery Etsy Shop. 

Boho Chic Cookies

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