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The Reindeer Are Coming! The Reindeer Are Coming!

The Reindeer Are Coming! The Reindeer Are Coming!

Reindeer Games Bath Dust by The Iced Sugar Cookie Bath And Body

Okay, let me just tell you about an absolutely dreamy, and I do mean dreamy, scented bath salt soak. I can't begin to tell you how much I love this one.This is a wonderful blend of marzipan, cream and almond and I literally can't get enough of it. It's a blast of mouth watering deliciousness. It reminds me of sweet pastries of cakes and baked goods. My goodness, this is a good one.

Here is what I do when I am in the mood for some Reindeer Games:  I run my bathwater and add 4 tablespoons of Reindeer Games Bath Dust (bath salts) to the water and then I add in 4 tablespoons of our "Goat Milk Bath". I swoosh the water around to get the goat milk clumps out and then I jump in. SPLASH! The combination of of epson salt, Mediterranean sea salt, Dead Sea salt, and pink Himalayan sea salt, marzipan, cream and almond is enough to lift anyone's mood. 

What is Marzipan? It's a confectionery of sugar or honey and almond meal usually combined with almond oil. It can be rolled into thin sheets and glazed for icing those yummy cakes.  

Once you take a soak in our "Reindeer Games" Bath Dust you will feel just like a Swedish princess cake! In case if your wondering what that is, it's a Swedish dessert that consists of sponge cake, pastry cream, whipped cream and topped with the AMAZING and DELICIOUS green tinted MARZIPAN and finished off with some powdered sugar. Sounds good, huh? I think so. The reason why it's called princess cake is because it's said that princesses were very fond of the tasty little sponge cakes.

This would make a great Christmas gift for someone you love. Don't miss out on this unique and one of kind Reindeer Games Bath Dust. This is limited edition and only around for the holiday season ,so stock up while you can. This product along with our other items in our store would make great stocking stuffers. 

Some Educated Information For You:

Reindeer: A caribou that is covered in fur that lives near the north pole regions. They are often known for making long trips across America and coming straight to "The Iced Sugar Cookie" to personally collect their order of our limited edition "Reindeer Games" Bath Dust. It's a huge hit back in their homeland. It really is.

Games: A game played on a board that involves movement of pieces. (Not the manipulating kind.)

Epson Salt: Not your typical reindeer salt lick. You'll find the reindeer soaking (not licking) in this stuff. They find that it soothes their stress related problems and that it's good for their aching legs and hooves. It creates a relaxed feeling for them. Which they really love.

Dead Sea Salt: The reindeer are really excited that we offer the Dead Sea salt because that means they don't have to travel to the middle east to obtain it anymore. The reindeer read in some studies that soaking in this stuff keeps their bodies hydrated and some of the old granny reindeer soak in it to reduce the wrinkles in their fur. Some find it good for their inflammation and allergies as well. 

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: Mined from the Himalayan mountains the reindeer leap for joy over these pink tinted rock crystals. They are mesmerized by their beauty and really enjoy the stress free soaks. 

Mediterranean Sea Salt: Harvested in the South of Italy the reindeer love soaking in it. They feel nice and refreshed.

***As with any nut based oil, people with allergies to nuts of any kind should not use this product.***

**Do Not Ingest**

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