Glitter Lambs Nail Polish

It's Snowing Cotton Candy by Glitter Lambs. Christmas holiday nails. #nails

Glitter Lambs Nail Polish. Custom handmade glitter topper nail polishes. Anything from small micro glitter nail polish to big and chunky glitter nail polish! We offer cute shape glitter nail polishes like stars, hearts, moons, circles, dots, triangles, mouse head glitter, shreds, holographic, and more. Our nail polishes are considered glitter topper nail polishes and not full coverage nail polishes. Our glitter topper nail polish is meant to be applied over another nail polish color.

Appy 1-2 coats of any Glitter Lambs glitter topper nail polish over another color. Very cute and unique glitter topper nail polishes that you are sure to love!




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