Pink And Gold Unicorn Birthday Party Sugar Cookies

Pink And Gold Unicorn Birthday Party Sugar Cookies Sugar Coma Cookies
Pink And Gold Unicorn Birthday Party Sugar Cookies
Created by Sugar Coma Cookies
Are you planning to have a Unicorn birthday party and need some Unicorn sugar cookies to go with it? How about these?! If your located in the Edmond, Oklahoma area then you can place your order with Mary Donley from Sugar Coma Cookies and pick them up. She does local pickup only. No shipping. I just love the colors she used with these and how about those gold unicorn horns. These cookies are just SO PRETTY and TOTALLY PERFECT for any unicorn themed party event.
Pink And Gold Unicorn Birthday Party Sugar Cookies Sugar Coma Cookies
What Mary from Sugar Coma Cookies has to say about her cookies:
I am a home based baker under the Oklahoma Cottage Food Law. Located in Edmond, Oklahoma

***HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER*** i have received several messages on how to order so please read: in order to place an order please private message me with your phone number,email , how many cookies you would like , design and date needed. Receiving this information up front cuts down on alot of lag time and i book quick. Pricing varies on design and i can work within a budget if the price quoted isn't in the budget.. simpler vs really detailed cookies can be considered. I try to send out confirmations of all orders 4-7 days prior to confirm.. if i do not get confirmation back within 24 hours your order will not be processed.. if you do not receive a confirmation please message me at least 3 days prior to your scheduled pickup. I am a one person shop so sometimes it happens that i miss sending out a confirmation.
I require payment at pickup.. that being said if you do not pickup within 1 hour of the scheduled time without messaging me there will be a $10 late fee. If you do not pickup your order at all without messaging me the email you provided will be charged and your order will go up as cash and carry. ****PLEASE be considerate of my time as i take time from my family to create custom cookies for your event in a timely manner so you can have them as needed for your event. If you need to reschedule a pick up time please message me to let me know so i am not waiting all day. I have been sending out repeated messages to customers who are late or have not picked up orders this STOPS today.. you get one reminder and that is it. I do not want to have to require everyone to pre pay but if that is what is needed i will have to do so. Thank you for time in reading this and I look forward to creating custom cookies just for you!
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