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Fancy Easter Eggs Iced Sugar Cookies

Fancy Easter Egg Iced Sugar Cookies

Fancy Easter Eggs Iced Sugar Cookies
Fancy Easter Egg Iced Sugar Cookies
How about some FANCY Easter egg iced sugar cookies?!  A perfect tasty cookie topped with colorful icing and some fancy little designs to decorate the egg. Not taking custom orders.
Ideas For An Easter Egg Party:
  1. Cover your table with an Easter Egg plastic table cover.
  2. Scatter plastic Easter Eggs on table.
  3. Make Easter Egg Cupcakes! Bake miniature cupcakes with the wrapper. Once done take out and place cupcake into a regular sized plastic Easter Egg leaving it cracked open. Add some sticker eyeballs to the outside of the plastic egg. Now you have an Easter Egg cupcake. 
  4. Make Rice Krispy Easter Eggs.
  5. Make Easter Egg Sandwiches using an Easter Egg cookie cutter.
  6. Make Easter drinks by filing a clear glass with sprite, tossing in some starburst jelly beans to sink to the bottom and topping it with a bunch of pink cotton candy resting at the top of the liquid.
  7. Make an Easter centerpiece for the table. Just use a plastic Easter basket and fill with Easter grass and plastic eggs. Add a few yellow fake fuzzy chicks to it and now you got yourself a cute Easter basket centerpiece. You could throw a tiny stuffed rabbit in it too!
  8. Make panoramic sugar eggs! These were always my Favorite!!!
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