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Chilly Snowman Iced Sugar Cookies

Chilly Snowman Iced Sugar Cookies

Chilly Snowman Iced Sugar Cookies by
Chilly Snowman Iced Sugar Cookies
What's goes perfect with chilly winter weather? How about some scrumptious tasty snowman and snowflake cookies! Frosty would definitely want to try one of these. Not taking custom orders.
Ideas For A Snowman Party Theme:
  1. Cover your table with a snowman plastic cover.
  2. Sprinkle snowflake confetti all over the table.
  3. Make a snowman cheeseball to go with crackers.
  4. Make snowman drinks. Use clear plastic cups and use a sharpie marker draw on the eyes and buttons. And an orange sharpie marker to draw the nose.
  5. Make snowman sandwiches using a snowman cookie cutter.
  6. Fill a bowl with powdered donut holes (round balls) and call them "Snowballs".
  7. Make snowman cupcakes. Bake white cupcakes and add white frosting on top and sprinkle shredded coconut on top to resemble fallen snow.
  8. Fill a bowl with Cheetos and call it "Snowman Noses".
  9. Make Snowman Dip. Mix Mayonnaise with some garlic powder and sprinkle some fresh chopped green onions. Could add some chopped chicken or bacon if you want. Serve with crackers.
  10. Fill a bowl with mini Oreo cookies and call it" Two Eyes Made Out Of Coal".
  11. Fill a bowl with stick pretzels and call them "Snowman Arms".
  12. Blow up blue and white balloons and tie to long string and make into a doorway banner.
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